About Seaford.LI

The purpose of the Seaford website is to help the residents and businesses of the community.

About Seaford, LI

Some of the services we offer include:

Free Seaford.LI email!
Links to community organizations!
Community updates via Twitter !
Quick access to weather and tide tables !
Advertising for local businesses !

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To sign up for your free Seaford.LI email account, just fill out the form below.

In about 24-48 hours you can start using your Seaford.LI email if your application was accepted. Thank you for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • It is free. However, it is only available to residents and businesses in Seaford.

  • Aside from the many useful features on Seaford dot LI, we can offer you a simple and easy-to-remember email address that reflects your town. Imagine having an email address like "Joe@Seaford.LI", "MarySmith@Seaford.LI" or "Realtor@Seaford.LI" (subject to availability).

    Plus, you can keep the same Seaford.LI email address, no matter which Internet Service Provider you use (Optimum, Verizon, etc.).

  • Most smart phones, tablets and PCs allow you to automatically set up your email. But just in case, here are the settings for a manual configuration.

    Secure SSL/TLS Settings

    Mail Server Username: youremail@seaford.li

    Incoming Mail Server (secure POP3): mail.seaford.li (server requires encrypted connection SSL) port 995

    Outgoing Mail Server (secure POP3): mail.seaford.li (server requires encrypted connection SSL) port 465

    Incoming Mail Server (secure IMAP): mail.seaford.li (server requires encrypted connection SSL) port 993

    Outgoing Mail Server (secure IMAP): mail.seaford.li (server requires encrypted connection SSL) port 465

  • With IMAP, all your email stays on the Seaford server except for the ones you delete. In other words, email on your computer, phone, etc. are all synced to the server. The advantage with IMAP is that you have all your email available from all devices including web email. The disadvantage is that IMAP can be slower than POP and you can run out of server space.

    With POP, your emails can be loaded from the server to your computer or phone. This is typically faster than IMAP because the connection is not always synchronizing your emails. Another advantage to POP is that once your emails are downloaded, it automatically frees up server space. The disadvantage to POP is that the emails on the server are not automatically synchronized to your email clients.

    Seaford dot LI supports IMAP and POP, with either standard or secure (SSL) configurations. Whether you use IMAP or POP is up to you, however, it is recommended that you use the SSL settings.

  • Just fill out the sign up form below. If you application is accepted, you can start using you Seaford.LI email within 24-48 hours.

    If you are unable to use your account within 48 hours, your application may have been rejected. You can give us a call to confirm.

  • No problem, just give us a call and after we identify you as the real owner, we can reset your account with a temporary password that you can change when you login.


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