Seaford, Long Island

Frequently Asked

What does it cost for a Seaford dot LI email account?

It is free.

How long does it take to open a new email account?

It usually takes less than 2 minutes to fill out the form. You can start using your new email account immediately after successfully completing the form.

Why should I use Seaford dot LI?

Aside from the many useful features on Seaford dot LI, we can offer you a simple and easy-to-remember email address that reflects your town. Imagine having an email address like "Joe@Seaford.LI", "MarySmith@Seaford.LI" or "Realtor@Seaford.LI" (subject to availability).

Plus, you can keep the same Seaford.LI email address, no matter which Internet Service Provider you use (AOL, Optimum Online, Verizon, etc.).

What is the difference between IMAP and POP email?

With IMAP, all your email stays on the Seaford server except for the ones you delete. In other words, email on your computer, phone, etc. are all synced to the server. The advantage with IMAP is that you have all your email available from all devices including web email. The disadvantage is that IMAP can be slower than POP and you can run out of server space.

With POP, your emails can be loaded from the server to your computer or phone. This is typically faster than IMAP because the connection is not always synchronizing your emails. Another advantage to POP is that once your emails are downloaded, it automatically frees up server space. The disadvantage to POP is that the emails on the server are not automatically synchronized to your email clients.

What are the server settings for my Seaford dot LI email?

Seaford dot LI supports IMAP and POP, with either standard or secure (SSL) configurations. Whether you use IMAP or POP is up to you, however, it is recommended that you use the SSL settings.

Mail Server Username: youremail+seaford.li (or it may be youremail@seaford.li)

Incoming Mail Server (regular POP3): mail.seaford.li port 110
Outgoing Mail Server (regular POP3): mail.seaford.li port 26

Incoming Mail Server (regular IMAP): mail.seaford.li port 143
Outgoing Mail Server (regular IMAP): mail.seaford.li port 26

Incoming Mail Server (SSL POP3): hos.host.li port 993
Outgoing Mail Server (SSL POP3): hos.host.li (server requires authentication) port 465

Incoming Mail Server (SSL IMAP): hos.host.li port 993
Outgoing Mail Server (SSL IMAP): hos.host.li (server requires authentication) port 587

Galaxy Phones:

Click the Settings Gear

Click the @ Email Button

Click on Email Account

Click More Settings

Click Server Settings

Incoming: IMAP, port 993, server hos.host.li, security SSL (accept all certificates

Outgoing: port 465, Authentication "Password", Security SSL (accept all Certificates)

Do you have a question about Seaford dot LI?

If so, please send them to the address below.

> Webmaster@Seaford.LI

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